Ian Laughlin

Trans Species Works

TREETOP DINER _ Studio view front

TREETOP DINER highlights the need for conscious support of owl nesting in order to seek a harmonious balance in the disturbed environment in which we live. Mice and other small rodents are the first order in population explosion when land is disturbed for human development.  Due to deforestation, habitat of creatures that are their natural enemies is destroyed or compromised. Setting exterior poison bait traps are deadly to the entire wildlife food chain. Meanwhile there is a serious lack of supportive coordination with nature’s method of pest control through its food supply.


TREETOP DINER _ Studio view below


Specifically designed and located to suit the nesting of Barred Owls, TREETOP DINER was built using old growth Hemlock timber milled in the 1850’s. Hemlock a most favored tree of the Barred Owl, was milled to almost extinction during the construction of New York City, with the bark used for tanning leather in the regions many tanneries.


Barred Owls at Ravensbeard
Water Source
Forest Installation with Rodenticide Box
Forest Installation_Trail cam view

TREETOP DINER video presents the first 6 months of time sharing by forest inhabitants of the Barred Owl nesting box.  Phonetically the unique call of the male is “Who cooks for you?” while the female’s is “Who cooks for you all?” ……… Listen and one can hear them in the forest.